Delicious Chocolate Cake w/ Chocolate Mousse Frosting…soooo good

This is a delicious, decadent chocolate cake! This is probably the first cake I have made that I didn’t even care about the fact that it is messy!! LOL When you make this cake, make the mousse frosting first and put in the fridge to get well chilled, it actually needs several hours, then youContinue reading “Delicious Chocolate Cake w/ Chocolate Mousse Frosting…soooo good”

Christmas Crack….sooooooo good

Today I made my almost famous Christmas Crack! It has always been a holiday favorite of my customers at the farmers markets, as well as family and friends. I made 2 different types today. One pan has chocolate with mini-M&M’s and sprinkles. The other has chocolate, pecans, toffee bits, salted caramel chips and sprinkles! IContinue reading “Christmas Crack….sooooooo good”