Soap Making 101… cold process

Mint/Cocoa soap

I have always had an interest in soap making. My momma did as well. We bought supplies, books, molds etc. but for some reason never made the soap! I have decided to make the soap…life is too short to always put everything off for the perfect time. This is my perfect time.

On this post I am making ” cold process ” soap. Which just means I am using oils and butters plus a lye mixture to turn the oils ans butters into soap. All soap needs lye to reach soponification. I am learning, but will share what I know so you can make soap too!

There are a few things you need to begin making cold process soap.

First thing you need to work with the lye is some safety items. Goggles, gloves, long sleeve shirt and a place outside you can take your water and lye to combine. It sounds scary, but it is not!

A stick blender, a digital scale, a digital thermometer, some plastic containers, rubber scrapers, plastic measuring cups (I got all my plastic things at Dollar Tree…for and a few items I already had, such as a large plastic container, glass jar for mixing lye etc. You also need some soap molds, which are available on Amazon for not too much money. You need something to cut your soap with. There are lots of things avaialbe on Amazon…and no…I don’t get anything for mentioning them…I just buy a good bit of soap items there! I will cover everything you need as I gain more experience.

Without further adue, let’s make soap!

  • cocoa butter
  • babassu oil (this is from the babassu palm)
  • olive oil
  • mint oil
  • cocoa powder
  • lye
  • water

First thing to do is make your lye solution. You need to meausre out your water then add the lye to the water. Lye heats up to about 160 degrees almost immediately. It needs to come down to about 85- 90 degrees to add to your melted oils, which also needs to be 85-90 degrees.

While you lye is cooling, melt your butters and combine with the oils. When both the lye and oils and butters are are the same tempurature, it is time to combine them. You pour the lye solution on the neck of the stick blender. Then you need to blend to slight trace. That is when the mixture is begining to thicken slightly, this is when you add you mint oil, then blend to medium trace. Pour about 1 cup of the base into a measuring cup, then add 2 tablespoons of cocoa, blend that in.

Now you are ready to pour the main soap into tyour mold. Then you put the cocoa soap batter on top, using a drizzle from side to side. Now you take a skewer to swirl the cocoa batter into your soap. I used a fork to make a parrtern on top, then sprinled it with a super fine glitter.

Then I made some “embeds” in a mold that has succulents. I will use those on a soap later on. I am just playing and learning! The soap needs to sit for 24 hours before you can unmold it and cut it. I used my new soap cutter and got mine cut. I love the fact that I can set the cutter and get the same size bars !

Then cold process soap needs to cure after cutting for 4-6 weeks. Mine is now 1 week old! So I have to wait for another 3-5 weeks before it can be used. It smells awesome! The top has already gone from a dark brown on top to a much lighter color, which I am happy about!

I will add the amounts of oils soon in the event you want to try this soap. Hopefully soon I will be making some videos of the different things I am doing here on my parents farm, that way you can see my processes whether it be for soaping, gardening or baking!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great and suddsy day!

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